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27-12-2015, 13:42
Like every year on our server have a chance to plant a christmas tree, even inside of your house!
Christmas trees can be planted only by a house owners. And they can be watered by the house guests.
NPC Obi is currently selling tree seedlings and buckets of soil, that are two ingredients that are required to successfully plant a christmas tree. Players, that aren't owners of any house can be taking care about christmas trees in the Capital City and City of Rookgard. Christmas trees have to be watered often because in other way they might parch and they won't be planted once again in city centers. When the tree is fully grown everyone is able to get a gift from the main christmas tree. Inside the houses there will be only one gift from one christmas tree, please remember that!

Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
APO Team.

28-12-2015, 15:26
Merry Christmas Mortiis ;)