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21-01-2011, 17:28
Since today you can use new version of page. What was added?

Long-anticipated chatbox is available after you login to your account on our website. And few chatbox's options:

ability to communicate;
emoticons works;
nickname's appearance depends on server (7.6 or 8.42), position in game and having Premium Account. Administrators' names are red, and those of the rest of the team: green;
support characters other than letters (character table);
Chatbox Rules:

Messages sent to the Chatbox must be conform to the rules of our server and the official forum.
Spamming is not allowed.
Using BB Code tags to violate order on Chatbox is not allowed!
Posting links to other sites is not allowed!
Writing using only uppercase, alternating lower- and uppercase or the "l33t speak" is not allowed.

Armia Podkarpacki OTS' website was translated. Now everything should be available also in English.
APO 7.6 Server was also translated. Now actions, npcs and other scripts are available in English. A few game elements haven't unfortunately been translated yet, but we are going to translate it to English as fast as we can. :) If you find any mistakes in translation - you can write to me :)

At the moment we are trying to do new update on 7.6 and 8.42 :)

03-02-2011, 00:45
Brilliant idea, Santano. If you need some help with translating informations or anything else feel free to contact me. If that whole translating from Polish to English have been done by yourself then I'm really impressed about your skills.

Maybe it won't bring lots of new players outside Poland but it will perhaps help players that can't speak English well, as it has helped me while I was starting my journey with Tibia.

Over'n'out, once again, well done!

03-02-2011, 19:44
Don't you need any translators, do you? If you need I can help ;)

Good idea, maybe you will have more players from abroad :) Did you do an advertisement on any foreign site?

01-05-2011, 17:53
Sam nie wiem.. nic nie rozumie z tego -.-

Jak nic nie rozumiesz to nie wchod¼ tu. :o

Very,very, very good joob Santano. Anyway - good idea, make APO international!

03-07-2011, 13:46
In my opinion a very good server APO. But I think those who have these GM-s should be replying to these reports, because how many times I waited and I could not wait.

06-08-2011, 20:52
I guess this forum section can be closed :).

28-08-2011, 00:05
Indeed .