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Domyślnie Update - January 2011

At 17th January we have introduced new Game Update.

New game features that you can use are:

  • Fifty independent map task. Order in which you want to do this tasks is not important! For each tasks you are going to obtain rewards: money/items and experience.
  • Thirty independent npc tasks (30 Non Player Characters was modyfied/modernised). Now NPC Sonia and Mad allow you to sell all items that you have in your inventory. You only have to say "all items name". Those NPC will total all things that you have sold to them. If you sell sufficient number of items - you will have chance to get rank Good Customer and NPCs will have a special offer for you. Now NPC Sonia react, when you sell Magic Sword using word "Sov".
  • NPC Lony was added. He's standing on POH and he is going to give you tasks. If you complete this tasks, you will be allowed to fight with a boss, under POH.
  • Special Arena on Expgard was added. If you kill a monster, you will get a reward and experience, but if monster will defeat you - you will die!
  • Total of winnings on POH and Expgard solo rooms is displayed as 'solo room tasks'.
  • New quest - long and difficult was added. Quest includes lot of missions. For example: tasks that requires you to kill determined number of monsters, etc. For doing tasks you will also get other achievements.
  • After you kill somebody, you will see a message that you have killed a player. You will also see his name, level and total of your killings.
  • Map was changed. Terrains under Cyclopolis was modernised.
  • PVP Arena that allows you to fight for money/items was created. You and your enemy has to pay the same price before the fight. After fight - the winner takes everything.
  • Book that allows you to check what missions have you already completed - was added, too.
  • Spell 'utevo res ina' was improved.

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